Tailgating Rules

Rules and Guidelines

Lots will be operate in accordance with applicable city codes and ordinances. All tailgating lots will be equipped with coal disposal bins, trash receptacles, and portable toilets. Your 2022 Season Parking Pass will be emailed to you via the email address on file. Please present the QR code in the email upon entry to your tailgating lot. If you do not receive your parking pass email, please contact Interstate Parking via the contact form found at https://www.vikingsparkingpass.com/contact/. Customers must enter the lot at the entrance indicated on their parking pass and follow the directions given by the parking attendants. All vehicles must fit into a 9’x18′ parking stall. No buses, R.V.’s or oversized vehicles are allowed. The parking hang tag is required to enter the lot and it must be displayed face-out on the rearview mirror or on the driver’s side dashboard at all times when parked in the lot. You are renting one space only and the 6 feet directly behind your parking stall. Parking is at your own risk. Violators of these agreements will be cancelled without refund.


  • Charcoal and propane grills, must be supervised at all times
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons of legal drinking age
  • Portable generators that are quiet with minimal exhaust, does not interfere with others’ enjoyment, and are safely used
  • Tents and awnings that do no block adjacent parking spaces, impede drive aisles; Maximum allowed size: 8’x8′
  • One parking space per vehicle

Not Allowed

  • Open fires fueled by wood or other combustible materials of any kind
  • Kegs, party balls or other large beverage containers
  • No fighting or profanity
  • No deep fat fryers allowed
  • Glass containers of any kind, including bottles and cups
  • Pets, except service animals
  • Weapons, possession and carrying
  • Large furniture items
  • Promotional or marketing activities without appropriate authorization
  • Sale of products (including “ticket scalping”), food, or beverages
  • Obstructing adjacent parking spaces and drive aisles
  • Overnight parking

Tailgating Properly

* 9 x 18 ft. is the parking space